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Women Mixed 3-Piece Thong Traceless Thong



Women Mixed 3-Piece Thong Traceless Thong

Women Mixed 3-Piece Thong Traceless Thong

Product Detail:
• Traceless
• Thong
• Low waist
• Soft and breathable fabric texture
• Elastic waistband
• Flexible fabric structure
• Cotton mesh part
• 3 pieces
This product contains 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane. 
Triple traceless thong briefs offer healthy wearing comfort thanks to their cotton structure. Thanks to its elastic structure, it is flexible, strong and durable. You can easily use it under your clothes. 
• It is a natural fiber.
• It consists of pure cellulose. Cellulose: It is an organic substance created through synthesis in nature.
• It has low flexibility.
• It is flexible.
• It is suitable for long-term use.
• It wraps the body and maintains its shape.
Maintenance Instruction
• Wash at maximum 30°C.
• Do not dry in the dryer.
• Do not use bleach.